Zhu Tian Cai's Training School

An Introduction to the School.

Zhu Tian Cai's House, Chen Jia Gou

Zhu Tian Cai's House, Chen Jia Gou

I'm not clear at the moment, whether there is an active Zhu Tian Cai school running in Chen Jia Gou. According to their leaflets in Chinese there is.

When I spoke with his nephew, it was clear that they were very happy to teach international students and this probably means you would get personal tuition, which is what you want in the end.

My understanding is that Zhu Tian Cai's two younger sons reside in Chen Jia Gou along with his nephew and they all know all of the family Tai Chi.

His other two sons live in Singapore and it sounds like Zhu Tian Cai himself, moves between the homes. He was just about to arrive in Chen Jia Gou in Dec 2009 when I left.

I didn't discuss tuition fees as such with them, so I will write more on this teaching environment later.

About Zhu Tian Cai

Zhu Tian Cai in Chen Jia Gou  Zhu Tian Cai

Zhu Tian Cai in Chen Jia Gou Zhu Tian Cai

Zhu Tian Cai is the nephew of Chen Zhao Kui and Chen Zhao Pei and trained with both of them alongside Chen Xiao Wang, Wang Xi An and Chen Zhen Lei.

He is one of the top Chen Family 19th Generation Grand Masters and teaches internationally.

He is famous for his Xiao Jia practice as well as Lao Jia.


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The China Taichi Guide : An Introduction to Zhu Tian Cai's Family School, Chen Jia Gou. Zhu Tian Cai is a 19th Generation Chen Tai Chi Grand Master. He has a home in Chen Jia Gou and he and his sons may be available for personal coaching. The China Tai Chi Guide is a directory of Tai Chi Schools and Teachers in China.

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